Saturday, October 21, 2017

Alberto Romo-Chavez Alro Export

Blog de Alberto Romo-Chávez Jr. sobre Comercio Exterior

Exportar desde Mexico

The lack of proper knowledge and culture in International Trade has kept the small and medium size business (SMB’s) all around the globe including American companies in getting into one of the most profitable activities in the world: Exports!

We believe that “Economic steady growth in all countries is through the SMB’s and, the immediate grow for all SMB’s is through Exports” 

Degrees in International Business in most Universities in the world are basically teaching the students how to become excellent employees and, the need in becoming entrepreneurs is most urgent however, the lack in practical experiences denies the opportunity for students to become entrepreneurs with a good and solid foundation.

In years of experience I have found that personnel working for large as well as small importers/exporters through out the world have no basic or practical experience in aspects and details in International Trade  

The book not only covers practical cases or inside and intimate information it also motivates the reader to become a successful exporter of products. We are not trying to convince people to export; we motivate by showing companies that is an easy and profitable business when certain practical knowledge is acquired. The book takes the reader step be step in a very practical manner.  

The sequence in each chapter takes the reader from the beginning to the end in a very simple and concise way. It teach you how to communicate yourself in front of others giving the impression  of a true expert in International Trade, show you which market  is best for your goods, the importance of continue product development (product development is an investment not a cost); giving you access to the different types of commercialization channels, and which are the most profitable for your products.

How, to obtain the cost of sales of your products turning you into a competitive company also, the correct selling prices to obtain best results.

The correct information in your price lists, the importance on how to send samples shipment which is vital action to obtain the purchase orders thus, avoiding unnecessary delays. The correct sales policies for exports their different options and consequences were analyzed.

The reason why sending certain products in certain types of packages, and which transportation would be the most optimal for these and,  how with the minimum of investment you can locate yourself in the greatest market in the world, as well as certain necessary considerations that cover the cultural aspects of the principal activity of today and tomorrow: International Trade.

The information provided will open this new market without unnecessary risks and delays by simply following the principles that are pointed with knowledge through substantial details in each one of the chapters.

Remember, the World is an available market that we have within our reach with the objective of promoting our products.

Market is the territory in which we all speak the same language; where transactions have the same identical name and, where the same forms of communication take place.