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Alberto Romo-Chavez Alro Export

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Consultoría en comercio internacional / Consulting in international trade

Alberto Romo-Chávez Jr.

Author, Lecturer and Consultant
on Global Trade

Alberto Romo-Chávez Jr. Author, Lecturer, Entrepreneur – Experienced Import/Export Executive

His talent span decades of successful management in United States with Pier 1 Imports. Inc. , as Assistant/Store Manager (responsible for opening stores in Amarillo, Tx., Wichita, Kansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma). Specialist in Latin America Merchandise promoted to Divisional Merchandise Manager (traveling consistently to develop products in Europe & Asia).

Later as Director of Merchandise for a Wholesale Company based in Los Angeles, Calif., importing general merchandise from Asia for the American Market.

In México creates Betho’s and begins importing general merchandise from Europe & Asia for the local market and later develops a Franchise operation and commence opening stores by using the Franchise format. Later the founding of Alro & Co. , and starts developing export products from different categories for global markets focusing mainly for USA and Canada .

Today he is involved in the e-commerce a US Company ( supporting the Contemporary Mexican designers to penetrate the US Market.

In his book (Myths and Facts about Global Trade) you will learn the shortcuts he found to minimize risks in exporting/importing, most important how to know if one is competitive with own product(s) without investing funds or using outside consultants or which channels/niches are more suitable for your product(s) and more, much more…

“International trade is not a set of rules, but a number of details”

  • Gouvermement du Quebec

    Le Ministère de L’industrie, du Commerse, de la Science et de la Technologie. Fèlicite M. Alberto Romo-Chávez Jr., pour sa contribution “AU CERCLE OMER DESERRES”.
  • Myths and Facts About Global Trade

    The book offers new ideas that can lead to broad opportunities in the global markets, from the beginning in-depth answer to the question “why exports” , to detailed explanation on how to plan and perform any task necessary to achieve success in the import/export business. This book will change the way individuals look at their businesses whether they are manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers. It is a must read for those wishing to compete in challenging both now and in the future”
  • Expansion

    Mexico's National Business MagazineThe Export Train... whomever´s looking for a straight way through a difficult and hostile territory, needs to learn from who´s done it big, like Alro & Co…
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