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Alberto Romo-Chavez Alro Export

Alberto Romo-Chávez Jr.

Author, Lecturer and Consultant
on Global Trade

Advise business trade


The strategic vision of Alro & Co.’s president is to complement his export ventures; thus Mr. Romo - Chávez Jr. achieved a co-investment with a Spanish company, in capital and technology building a factory for hollow glass.

This was an enormous, multi-million dollar venture that built business relationship between Spain and Mexico, which also created hundred of jobs.


  • We advise you concerning  trends in International Investment, helping you accomplish your investment goals.
  • We search for strategic foreign partners who will complement or integrate within your product lines.
  • We can provide capital and advice for joint ventures with national or foreign companies.
  • We can advise you on investments in new product categories (product development) and/or business formats (concessions, franchises, etc.).
  • We help you invest in business models that are popular abroad, in order to institute them in Mexican Market.

Container product  business 


What does “consolidation” really mean?

For consolidators, it means recollecting products in one or several locations to shipping them to destination. Consolidators are supposed to charge according to quantities and distances, but “how we do we know what will be a fair price”?

Our consolidation operations are efficient and transparent, we work hard and fast as required by today’s globalized economy.

We consolidate for companies such as JC Penny, Pier 1 imports, Storehouse, Bath & Body Works, etc. as well as smaller clients.

We can ship directly from Mexico to any address. 


  • We help you to decide inners and/or master packs for your goods.
  • We assist you to define on the Invoice the more convenient description of the product to save your costumer on duties.
  • We help you to obtain the lowest cost of any product to destination.
  • We can negotiate freight and different fees of the shipment.
  • We can advise the best & more efficient payment method.
  • An most important we can help you to contact other costumers on global markets.


Services investment advise


  • We can pre-estimate hoy many articles you need to fill, for any size of container.
  • We can predetermine costs of the products, landed in their destinations.
  • We protect your product by using the right type of packaging materials.