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Blog by Alberto Romo-Chávez Jr. about Global Trade

Experience in imparting and organizing practical Conferences in Foreign Trade

(Experience in International Trade since 1970) 

Organizing Conferences since 1985 including; IPADE (Leading Business School in Latin America), AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce), Universities (Technological Institute of Monterrey, Campus Queretaro) and Private and Public Organisms.

  1. The Conference may be focused in any topic or phase on International Trade including: Basic Sequence for Exports.
    • Why export? To obtain extra profits and more clients.
    • Terminology (Landed Cost, Drop Ship, Cottage Industry, etc...
    • Practical terms and quotes and why?
    • Profit margins to be included in the export price
    • Sales policy. Avoiding international contracts
    • Distribution Channels (Retailers, Wholesalers, Brokers, Mom`s & Pop`s, Jobbers and On-Line services. You will learn to sell in one or more distribution channels.
    • Transport logistics (3PL) including, packing, masters/inners.
    • How and why to settle in the American Market.
    • Others.
  2. In the Conference we handle real practical cases and how to solve them.

    Market Note. Within the Conference under certain conditions, a Practical Case of a specific product from one participant or group can be handled in front of the audience. (Special unique concept)

    A Specialty Program named "Culture in International Trade" (CECI) of 16 or 24 hours was developed and can be imparted.

    Specialty imparted at ITESM, IPADE, AMCHAM, Chamber of Commerce Guadalajara and Private and Public Organisms

Some Testimonials::

“ Thank you very much for your communication and congratulations for the great success of your conference
Gabriel Barreda

“ Hello, I am Professor Carrillo at the University Valle de Mexico Campus Tlalpan, and I am sending you this note so that you can send me if you please your excellent presentation in the World Trade Center in Mexico City organized by PROMEXICO
Professor Carrillo
Coordinator of the Academic Program of Administration in Business, International Trade and Financial Economics from the University of the Valley of Mexico.

“ I hope you are well; I congratulate you again for your brilliant presentation at Promexico event.”
Daniela Fernández Robles

“ Last Wednesday I was pleased to hear your presentation at the WTC. First of all I congratulate you for the interesting and clarity which it was presented, additionally for the fun of it.
Alfredo Delgado Guzmán

“ I would like to inform you that the case of Alro Exportaciones was very successful and accepted by the entrepreneurs of Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.”
Sergio Raimond – Kadilhac Navarro
Director of IPADE

I simply thought of writing to tell you that I believe you are one of the nicest businessmen that I have known. You are an honor for your noble profession The Conference was so impressive and useful that you had the kindness to prepare and present before the Forum for Young Entrepreneurs of Mexico. Congratulations!.
Pat Devlin

  • Your presentation and how to sell to Department Stores and Specialty Retailers was very successful due to your experience in the US Market.

Peter Montes
Director University of la Sabana, Colombia

“ Le ministere de L’industrie, du Commerce, de la Science et de la Technologie.
Felicite M. Alberto Romo Chávez, pour sa contribution “AU CERCLE OMER DESERRES”
Gouvermemnt du Quebec

“ Your characterization of the Mexican small business sactor and the advantages to working in partnership with producers was most informative. The product information, your provide was helpful to conference delegates and gave us greater understanding of investment opportunities.”
Dick Johnston
Provincial Treasurer
Edmonton, Canada

“ Thanks to you also, for helping me confirm that loyalty is most important in any relationship. Your determination, commitment, positive attitude, style, good taste and love of your family made it for me to trust my instincts that you ultimately would succeed with your dreams for Mexican exports, and I was right”
Marvin Girouard
C.E.O. Pier 1 Imports
(Muti - National U.S. Import / Retail Corporation)

“ ...your company gives impetus to suppliers that previously could not or were not in a position to export

“ Whoever seeks to trace a clear route that takes him through the twists and turns of an unknown and sometimes hostile territory needs to learn from those who have armed it as Alro Exportaciones.”

consultoria comercio internacional


Consisten en una o tres de las siguientes áreas:

                1. Product development, from modifications if required, to locate potential customers. (no, sell involved).
                2. Promote the product(s) in the different markets and distribution channels until the sale is achieved.
                3. Establish the company in foreign markets focusing on the largest market in the world USA. (All details included).
Alberto Romo Chávez, Jr

Service of conferences about global trade

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